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A book that sheds light on the mystery of the soul and the afterlife

My Self, My Soul

How many times have we wondered if there really is something else after death? What happens with the soul after we leave this plane of existence? These are questions that no one can truly answer, but there are some people who have achieved a kind of superior knowledge. These people have gone through near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences, and they came back to tell the rest of us what they discovered. James Debar is one of these special people. In his book, ‘My Self, My Soul’, he tells the story of a life-threatening heart attack that took him closer to his own soul, offering him answers beyond anyone’s imagination.

‘My Self, My Soul’ is very different from any other accounts of near-death experiences. First of all, it is very honest and personal. James Debar decided to share his experience with everyone who is interested in the topic, and he did it without withholding any information. The whole book is, actually, a conversation between his “self” and his “soul”, and this is one of the most interesting aspects of it: it shows readers that the “self” and the “soul” are two different entities that work together only during a person’s lifetime. It seems that the moment a person dies, the soul gets separated from the self and takes a different path. The two entities are only meant to be together to explore humanity and the world. Once a person’s time ends, the soul considers that they had enough experiences and learned enough lessons, so it moves on.

In the Introduction, the author remembers about his heart attack. He says that he could hear the doctors and nurses panicking around him, and he knew that he would probably die. But the moment he closed his eyes, he felt peaceful. That was when he met his soul, and started a conversation that later changed his life forever. His soul offered him answers to many questions he had asked himself and other people, and shed light on many experiences they had had together. Thus, the author understood that there is a different plane of existence after death, and that death is nothing else than a painless, natural transition.

No doubt, ‘My Self, My Soul’ will answer many people’s questions. It is an inspirational book that offers a glimpse of what life after death looks like and what it means to the soul. The fact that James Debar decided to share his unique experience with everyone will help many people understand the purpose of their own journey on earth.

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