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A book that reveals all the secrets the Church has kept hidden

The Truth

Many people consider themselves religious because they respect the word of the Bible and abide by the rules imposed by the Church through all the traditions and superstitions that make up what religion is today. What if someone told you this entire way of thinking and acting was wrong and even harmful? What if you suddenly found out that the Church hid and destroyed most of Jesus’ real teachings in order to better control the world? As shocking as this may sound, it is the truth, and author Klaus E. Berger decided to reveal it in his book, ‘The Truth Which Was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past’.

Even though it cannot be considered a light read, ‘The Truth Which Was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past’ was written in such a way that anyone can easily understand it. The author emphasizes the fact that people who read it should do so with an open mind, genuine curiosity, and a strong desire to learn the truth and make a real change in their own lives. Klaus E. Berger doesn’t dedicate it to religions people. On the contrary, he has a very different opinion about those who consider themselves religious: these are the people who take the Bible for granted and believe in what the Church promotes without questioning anything. Of course, the author does not use the word ‘religious’ in an offensive way, and people will have to read to the end of the book to truly understand his views.

The aim of ‘The Truth Which Was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past’ is to teach those who are ready to learn the true wisdom Jesus shared with the world. The Church has kept many ancient writings hidden, including an original ancient gospel which was discovered 107 years ago. Just imagine what sensation this discovery could have caused if it had been shared with the public, but the Church preferred to keep everyone in the dark. Why? You will find out by reading Klaus E. Berger’s book. He doesn’t only reveal these life-changing texts, but he also takes verses from the Bible and discusses them, trying to see beyond the contradictions and confusions they cause. Surely, anyone who has read the Bible with a critical eye has noticed that many things don’t quite fit. If you have ever wondered why, the author now offers you the chance to learn the truth.

‘The Truth Which Was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past’ is a book that will challenge you to question your own opinions and beliefs. After reading it, you might realize that it changed your entire view on life, the world, and religion. All Jesus’ teachings that have been kept secret until now reveal what love, compassion, peace and happiness truly are, and how to achieve them.

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