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A Board of Directors for our life

My children and very close friend
My children and very close friend
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Caregivers are sometimes for oversight, only. Today in these economic times, the cost of care is astronomical and the job market is not dependable. Adult children find themselves in a position of 'what to do?' And parents do not want to keep the adult children completely up to speed; as they do not want to burden the children.

Unfortunately, this picture leaves the adult children needing to help at a crisis sometimes with little insight. . There is some planning which helps in this situation. First begin making the family talks regarding: 1 a list of illness and surgeries, 2 have a conversation surrounding who the parents want to do what, (this allows for the adult children to begin making some plans) in the subject which they are responsible for, 3 Make time at each family gathering to have a conversation about how health and living arrangements are going.

Now the adult children can within the next six months to get all the positions in legal order. This is especially important for the child holding the DPOA (Durable Medical Power Of Attorney) and the child who will be the financial administrator also. These two will need to communicate frequently and with open and frank dialog.

This is the time to determine who will be the Chairman of the Board, among the siblings; as the children need to decide who will keep the agenda and begin forming a Board of Care and Responsibilities. Should one or more child not want to be involved, be sure to get all feelings and issues out in the open now? When a major decision needs to be made is not the time for the silent partner to become vocal.

For information regarding local services before a crisis develops the parents, DPOA and Financial power, should contact Senior Information and Assistance.