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A Blueprint of Upcoming Threats & Cyber Security

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Understanding what security threats loom on the horizon for 2014 can make it easier for you to guard against attack.

A growing threat for many businesses and individuals, in this day and age, is the risk of attack by cyber criminals. Whether it is identity thieves stealing your personal information or a hacker trying to get into back and credit card accounts, the risks are very real and very serious. The hardest part of dealing with new advances in technology and the internet is learning to protect against these risks. It seems that as soon as one threat is addressed and no longer an issue, there is a new threat that must be dealt with. There are several things that motivate these hackers and several ways to prepare for the threats.

Motives for Cyber Threats and Attacks

There are many reasons why hackers and thieves turn to a life of cyber crime.

  • The first is criminal. Since the internet is being used more and more for purchases--buying and selling--money has become a primary target for these hackers. Just as the thieves of old would try to break into banks and steal wallets, hackers today target the online transfer of money and seek to gain online access to your accounts.
  • The second reason some turn to a life of cyber crime is political. The Internet has become a battleground and a catalyst for any number of terrorist and political groups who have an agenda and a point they want to make. Governments, and anyone else seen as being in a position of power, authority, or control, are now finding themselves in the line of fire more frequently in terms of cyber attacks.
  • The third reason, commonly referred to as hacktivism, is the idea of dethroning figures of power and exposing their weaknesses. These are the individuals who attack the likes of Bill Gates with the intent to humiliate and damage reputations, with no thought of monetary gain from doing so.

These are the three basic reasons why someone turns to cyber attacks. The victims can be anyone from world governments, multimillionaires, big name companies, or individuals from all walks of life.

Making a Blueprint to be Prepared

Without a doubt, many people are not prepared when it comes to the threat of cyber attacks. One of the biggest mistakes is made by big corporations that have multiple people with access to sensitive information or who have access to business infrastructures. When there is insufficient control and regulation of who has access to what and who is doing what with company records and information, it can create a prime platform for hackers to gain access to the information they are seeking.

After the Snowden leaks and a wide range of many other high-profile threats--many coming from within the companies themselves--business owners are beginning to look at their security more seriously and are implementing plans for checking who has access and control over what. Cyber land is the next business battlefield and many states are scrambling to train and put into place skilled teams who can help businesses protect themselves, their customers, and their finances.

What it Means for You

The world faces a critical moment and time in the fight against cyber threats, as more and more hackers and thieves target civilians and governments, alike. Something has to be done to keep ahead of each new threat and tactic that is being used. According to Alan Calder, of IT Governance, 2014 may be one of the hardest years in terms of security and cyber threats simply because there may not be enough skilled experts to combat the threats that are looming on the horizon. The demand for IT security is high and the supply is low, which could make for a rough year for security teams, cloud network users, and anyone who utilizes the internet to buy and sell.

According to an article published on the Information Age, “One of the principal benefits of cloud computing is that the user does not need to worry about the hardware configuration powering their IT services. But the flipside of the same coin is that they do not have visibility into that configuration. This lack of visibility is the source of much of the anxiety surrounding the security of the cloud.”

The hardest part of dealing with new advances in technology, and the internet, is learning how to protect yourself. It seems that as soon as one threat is addressed and no longer an issue, there is a new threat that must be dealt with. That is why it is of the utmost importance to secure your device with the best antivirus software. Understanding what security threats loom on the horizon for 2014 can make it easier for you to guard against attack and can provide a good working blueprint for action.


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