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A blogging career: a serious look

Content and websites
Content and websites
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Home-based business owner are discovering blogging. Blogging is providing information about a subject or subjects for others to read and follow should they share the same interest. Blogs can be humorous, informative, personal, and political or any additional category a creative blogger can create. Successful blogs are ones that appeal to a broad reader base. The blog needs to be regularly updated and the content needs to be useful. We will discuss the advantages of a career in blogging and how to effectively achieve results.

Blogging Prospects

Blogging opportunities are increasingly popular yet numerous writers are unaware of how to capitalize on these opportunities. In today’s market, virtually every business has a website. They post blogging opportunities through regular channels such as Services Canada or job banks like Monster or Indeed. They may also post jobs on their website; there is usually a careers button located in the general area of the site map or contact us button.

Community forums on career websites that focus entirely on careers content development and blogging are in an abundance. The Elance, and Constant Content are websites dedicated to connecting writers in connection with fellow bloggers or for a particular blog. Message boards and forum at these sites are great networking opportunities. They also provide an opportunity to discuss with other writers which clients are reliable and reasonable.

The Benefits Blogging

Pursuing a blogging career has numerous advantages. Widely becoming the norm, telecommute careers, suggests a blogger can virtually live anyplace in the world given they have the appropriate electronic linkups. There are, however, some employers who prefer their bloggers onsite.

Blogging is typically creative work and can be done within a time frame suitable for the blogger. Bloggers are expected to submit posts on a regularly but the actual writing is done at a time convenient to the blogger. If you’re tech savvy there are content software programs that can be set for a specific time for customized posts to be uploaded to several different sites at one time.


As an ethical writer your name will be put on the posts therefore you will want to ensure that your product is 100% your own work. The software packages gather information currently on the web, therefore most software generated blogs need to be reworked to pass Copyscape.

There are a great deal number of writers who are willing to work for less than $5.00/hr. Making more money than that is possible, but it takes time to establish yourself and find credible publishers.

Structuring the time to blog is an issue faced by anyone in a home-based business. Time management can be problematic if the blogger sustains several blogs or the blogger keeps a recent events blog. Posts must be timely to be relevant. Outsourcing some of your blog writing may be the answer to help meet your deadlines.

If you enjoy writing, like making your own schedule and working in your pjs then blogging may be just the career for you.

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