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A blissful Valentine’s Day massage at sea in the Ruby Princess Lotus Spa

The spa pool
The spa pool
Princess Cruises

Aah, there is nothing like having a great massage on a sailing ship being lulled by the ocean and the talented hands of a good therapist. That’s how it was on the Ruby Princess on Valentine’s Day when Richard and I treated each other to rubs in the Lotus Spa.

Entrance to Lotus Spa
Patti Pietschmann

First we went up to Deck 16 and took steam baths, well we were supposed to be but the men’s facilities weren’t working, so Richard waited in the nicely appointed lounge for his masseuse. I got my steam bath before my treatment which made my muscles softer and easier for Christine to work her magic.

The young and slender Pilipino woman didn’t look like she could go deep enough for me, so I was quite surprise when she kneaded and pummeled me to a delighted pulp. Turns out she has extensive experience in physical therapy as well as massage. The massage was fantastic. Richard’s rub was also right up among the best at sea.

Even though somewhat uniform with nearly every spa at sea operated by Steiner of London, you can run into a not so adept therapist from time to time, so it’s always a treat when they pass this spa snob’s muster.

Like all Princess ship spas this one doles out the gamut of pamper possibilities from Acupunture to pedicures and more, see They even do Botox by the way.

The spa is pretty but not exactly posh. The women’s changing room sports a sauna and steam, showers and restrooms but no hairdryer or products that most facilities offer such as razors, moisturizers, cotton balls, Q-tips etc. They do have robes and slippers to use during your visit.

And like all Steiner spas at sea prices are steep but they do offer discounts on port days of about 20% or more. Still there is nothing like being rubbed the right way while the slight movement of the ship on the ocean lulls you to sleep or at least a pleasant drowsiness.

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