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A blind dog, a teen in a diaper and a stalled wheelchair keep Oregon police busy

The Oregon Live website reports the strangest phone calls to the Forest Grove Police Department from December 27 to January 4. The story reports the following incidents that needed police intervention:

Forest Grove Police responded to several unusual calls last week.

· A man calls the police to report someone stole his birth certificate. He later discovers his mother had it.

· A woman reported suspected organized crime members in the medical field.

· Police break up a fight over popcorn in a movie theater.

· Police respond to a man wearing only underwear, boots, and a jacket while “playing with himself.”

· Woman calls police to report a blind dog.

· Teenager busted for seeking sexual pleasure from wearing a diaper.

· A woman called police to find out if her roommate could have friends help her move from the apartment.

· Police respond to call of an adult male hugging a minor. The caller had mistaken a small female adult for a minor.

· Officers called to check on a potential cannibal in the neighborhood.

· Office helps a stranded citizen. The resident’s electric wheelchair ran out of electricity. Officer transported the subject to a place to recharge the wheelchair.

To read the entire article, visit the Oregon Live website.

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