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A blessing on the Holy See today

His Holiness Pope Frances and the two new saints
His Holiness Pope Frances and the two new saints
The Vatican

Today I send the Jewish blessing for hope to the Catholic house. Historic Church of the healing and merciful Sisters, the brilliant and cognitive Jesuits, the simple and sweet priests with holes in their shoes and prayer-diamonds in their hearts--God's international sanctuary from Valparaíso to Brooklyn to Florence to Yamoussoukro. Your servants see saintly sparks in the loins of men and celestial dreams in the eyes of women.

I have stood under your Sistine ceiling and in your North African tents and have felt the hand of God. I have descended from Mt. Sinai into Saint Catherine's Monastery and there you gave me water to drink. You have welcomed me back into your tent and reaffirmed your messianic lineage through timeless Judean sands and old Davidic scrolls.

Blessed be the Church as it places two more stars today in the firmament that tenderly chains heaven to earth. And let one billion Catholics turn this world at last into an earthly Roma Eterna.

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