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A Blessing in Disguise

That first ride w/o training wheels
That first ride w/o training wheels

When you pay attention to the fears in your thoughts, you attract those things that you fear into your life. You can choose to look at a fear as an opportunity to change your perspective when this feeling arises. And it can turn into a blessing in disguise. As you challenge this fear that you attracted, and overcome it, the result can raise your confidence level when you deal with this feeling again. The fear can become a “special friend” that takes you to a new understanding and an improved relationship with the feeling. This familiarity carries with it a “knowing” that you did not have before. And you have found a way to turn a fear into a lesson.
Some things we think of are powerful and foreign to us. The instinctual reaction is to be cautious or afraid of the unknown. But we live through the experience. And after having come away from the experience it is not so foreign or unknown. Many things that we are meant to learn are presented to us in this full proof method. The beauty of the whole thing is this – the original thought came to you because something inside you urged you to put the ideas together. And so we end up with tools that can be used and almost always with more confidence and wisdom.
Here’s to finding your way to learn from that which you used to fear,