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A Blackhawk and Cessna 150 share the pattern at Kansas Vinland Airport

Sharing the sky with a Blackhawk
Sharing the sky with a Blackhawk
by Craig Smith

The Blackhawk is a utility helicopter which entered service with the Army in 1979. It is used to provide air assault, troop support and. medical evacuations

The UH 60 Black Hawk is a utility tactical transport helicopter that replaces the UH-1 "Huey". The versatile Black Hawk has enhanced the overall mobility of the Army, due to dramatic improvements in troop capacity and cargo lift capability, and will serve as The Army's utility helicopter. On the battlefield, it provides the commander the ability to get to the fight faster and to move effectively throughout the battle space across the full area of conflict. An entire 11-person, fully-equipped infantry squad can be lifted in a single Black Hawk, transported faster than in other means of transportation, in most weather conditions. The Black Hawk can lift a 105 mm Howitzer, its crew of six, and lift up to 30 rounds of ammunition in a single lift. The Blackhawk has areas of armor protection, and its airframe is designed to crush on impact to protect the crew and passengers.

I had the pleasure of sharing the pattern with one at Vinland Airport in Kansas, the least likely place one would expect to cross paths with a Blackhawk. I'm proud to think that my Cessna 150 and myself were able to be included in the maneuvers and war games of the United States Army and their Blackhawk helicopter. I'm also thankful the Blackhawk did not lock in on me with its two 7.62 mm machine guns with live fire anyway. The added surprise was a photographer on the ground was able to take pictures of the maneuvers including me and my little C-150.