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A Black Man.....

The Greensboro Four at Lunch Counter / Greensboro North Carolina
The Greensboro Four at Lunch Counter / Greensboro North Carolina

After a contradictory verdict was issued someone, who shall remain anonymous, wrote a heartfelt poem about what he or she was feeling about how they perceived the Black man. It seems most relevant to issues in the present day. As it seems we are facing issues even today that reflect how society feels about racism. There are always two sides to every story but when it comes to how a person feels, there is no right or wrong way to feel. This poem is a reflection of feelings not so much as it is a factual account of any one person's experience. It was written to encourage and not to incinerate.Hopefully, the audience that it reaches will feel the same way.

A Black man,
Is not something, I would want to be
He is often seen
But not heard,
White men assembled, even just two
Are seen as leaders now or not yet,
Black men assembled, even well assembled,
Are seen as a threat,
To be Black is hard,
But to be Black is the meaning of struggle,
Or means to be strong,
The more right you do,
Sometimes, it is viewed as wrong,
You can’t help but to lead,
Or else you would fall,
Because to be a Black man,
Is to answer the call,
The call to be strong, to be brave,
To fight against, to prevail,
Against prejudice, against oppression,
Against death, against jail,
To be a Black man is the hardest
Man to be,
You know what you know and you see
What you see,
But the greatest gift truly,
Is to be a Black man, though hard,
Because you are beautiful,
You will be what you will be,
You are what you are,
Because you see what you truly see,
Think….all we have learned throughout history,
When you ( a Black man ) have chosen just to be.

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