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A Bisbee St. Patrick's Day spirit

Does St Elmo Bar hold a St Patrick's Day ghost?
Does St Elmo Bar hold a St Patrick's Day ghost?
Photo by Debe Branning

Bisbee, Arizona is known for its unexplained phenomena and ghosts that appear in the old historic buildings, streets, and staircases. One of the most haunted areas in Bisbee is the notorious Brewery Avenue—where saloons and brothels once ruled.

N. O. Walker was a bartender about 40 years old who worked at the legendary St. Elmo Bar –still going strong to this day down on Brewery Gulch. Walker committed suicide on St. Patrick’s Day in 1908. The roomers at the St. Elmo Rooming House woke up to the sound of moaning and groaning about 4:00 in the morning. Upon investigation, they found Walker in a dying condition. A physician was immediately summoned but he found that it was too late to save the man’s life.

Walker had threatened to do away with himself on several occasions to his friends in Bisbee a few weeks prior to his suicide. He told one of his acquaintances that he was afraid he was losing his mind and thought it was best to take morphine and end it all. It was surmised that he carried out his plan and took the drug as the symptoms indicated this to be the cause of death.

Is N. O. Walker an official Bisbee St. Patrick’s Day ghost? Does his unsettled soul still wander in the upstairs hallway of the old St. Elmo Rooming House, or down in the bar room below? One might keep an eye open on March 17th as you sip your green beer. N. O. Walker may still be on the job serving up the sudsy brew.

St. Elmo Bar
36 Brewery Ave
Bisbee, AZ 85603

Arizona Haunted Sites Examiner: Debe Branning

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