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A birthday prayer for willingness

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A few days ago I had a birthday. I often like to create a special prayer for those days, though the one that arose could actually be said ANYTIME. Like you may feel yourself, many areas of my life feel ready to go forward. If you've read Outrageous Openness you know I believe OFFERING is the key.

Most systems (both psychological and new age), even ones filled with good tips, focus on helping the ego-mind become more integrated, efficient or willing. But I find the act of Offering to the Divine is a whole other deal than this! It literally shifts the burden of change to the Universe as the eager and accepting partner. And it's NOT passivity (though often mistaken for that). Not at all. The right steps get shown at the right time. The right doors open.

And what a deep relief!

So here is the prayer from my birthday. Please take as your own if you need.

To the Inner Divine:

Divine Beloved, change me into One who joyously embraces Your Plan for me. Fill with me with Your Divine courage and enthusiasm. Free me from all fears and resistances, wishing only to serve You in every way... Fill me with patience and faith as I take the steps You show.

Let Your wishes alone come true for I have learned they constantly surprise and thrill me...

Free me from all old and really-frickin-totally-boring-by-now doubts, fears and confusion, knowing EVERY step will be revealed at the right time.

EVERY door will fling open at the right moment. Use me as You will!

And let me trust all the perfect assistance and help is ALREADY selected. May Your Blessed Hand carry me in every way. Let me relax and enjoy!

And Change Me into One who can have a raucous, fabulous time knowing all outcomes belong to You alone..

I am Yours. You are Mine. WE are One.
All is well.