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A big change in the weather

AP/ Jim Cole
AP/ Jim Cole
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Although Senator Marco Rubio (R. FL.), does not believe that humans are causing a change in the climate. A recent UN report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control (IPCC) has found that humans are without question the cause for global warming. And if left unattended could pose an enormous threat for mankind, with the potential to lead to mass migrations. But this controversy is definitely two fold. On the one side you have countries like the U.S., and other western countries that have been industrialized for many years and have acknowledged the damage that was done to the atmosphere in order to make everyday living in those countries a little more pleasant.

And on the other side you have countries in the Middle East and in northern Africa, that are looking to develop quickly and extravagantly, with a seemingly endless fountain of oil money at their disposal. So why should their citizens be denied the little trappings of a fully industrialized nation like air conditioning, hot and cold running water, and satellite television. Not to mention the potential for job growth. This is a tough dilemma for everyone on the planet to contemplate. On second thought maybe we should use Sen. Rubio`s theory and blame global warming on..... by the way what was his answer for the change in the climate?