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A Bieber-less night out in NYC

While New York City is known for celebrity spotting while dining or in nightclubs, one of the last celebrities that many want to see is Justin Bieber. Who wants to be surrounded by the problems he has been causing while they are on vacation in New York? But believe it or not, there is a list of nightclubs that will not allow Justin Bieber entry due to his recent brushes with the law.

So far the four nightclubs that have banned Justin Bieber are 1 OAK, the VIP Room, Up and Down, and the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. Bieber was turned away from Pier 40 during Super Bowl weekend. The list may continue to grow if Justin Bieber's criminal record does. Like many cities, nightclubs get points taken off of their license to stay open if there are issues involving police. A nightclub owner who has worked hard to survive in the bustling nightlife industry in New York City does not want to lose his nightclub license to any situation.

So it's not to say that the nightlife industry is innocent of providing unrefined environments to the world. But if one wants to at least go to a place and have or pretend to have class and see celebrities deemed to have class by the general public (or at least those particular nightclub owners), all that matters is staying away from classless people. So keep checking to see which nightclubs in New York City have banned Justin Bieber.

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