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A Better Lyfe, new film by Talent Beyond Belief Productions

This is a captivating, true story of the double-homicide of a handicap man, and his 11 year-old niece, in Texas. A must-see film!

A Better Life, Cast and Crew
Shonda Harris

Shonda Harris owner of Talent Beyond Belief Productions, and Jackie Mays, have written and are producing an amazing and powerful new film, A Better Lyfe.

Shonda describes the story, “When a gang of street thugs shoot up the neighborhood, a caring mother wants a better life for her daughter; and sends her to stay with her grandmother and uncle, who are handicap, not knowing the evil that lurks ahead. Marquis, born with Cerebral Palsy, has overcome many obstacles, but one person will change all of their lives forever. This is the heart-wrenching, true story of determination, courage, evil, jealousy, and cold-blooded murder!”

Shonda is from a family of entertainers she began her professional career at age 12, dancing for the Jacksons Victory Tour celebrity fashion show in Los Angeles. She joined the group Destiny Master Crew (DMC) sponsorship by Ozarka ®. DMC Toured over Texas, which led to special guest appearances. Shonda then started a DJ Service at the age of 16 (Gucci Crew). At 19, she was introduced to the world of Street Hustling, then went on to pursue her culinary interests. In 2009, Shonda moved to Dallas, Texas, where she was reintroduced to entertainment. In just two years, her company Talent Beyond Belief was known as the "go to" Media outlet. By 2010, Shonda began to write several scripts based on true stories from her life. The first, A Better Lyfe, started production in 2013.

This production is filled with inspiring actors including, Shun Lauren, as Marquis. Shun has been performing since the age of 8 years old. Early on, he started singing in talent and later progressed into acting and modeling. Shun has starred in such productions as David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, The Life and Times of Carter G. Woodson, and A Heart Is A House.

Dora Robinson, who plays the grandmother, from Austin, Texas, is an advocate for many causes such as AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Lupus, Heart disease, High/Low blood pressure, etc. Currently, Dora is a Radio personality for a Community Radio Station for the last 8 years (KAZI 88.7fm).

Jessica Obilom, playing Angel, is also from Austin, Texas. Jessica worked to embellish her talents within the film acting realm in 2010 and has been in love with film ever since. She has been cast in several shorts and features, including Camp Kickitoo and We Are Family, both of which have received prestigious awards in film festivals.

Benjamin Nathaniel Redic, as Paw Paw James, is a young and talented entrepreneur with a passion for all things media. From Ft. Hood, Texas, Benjamin has worked as a professional hip hop choreographer, cinematographer, writer and actor. With the help of a few veterans, (Hooah!) and lifelong friends, he founded and agreed to become the CEO of Ballistic Blade Entertainment. When he is now working on his own projects he lends his time, talent, and expertise to other people's projects that he believes in.

Aliyauna NyKol Archie-Guerrero, playing Cree Cree, is 11 years old and has been working on her craft as an actress, model and singer since she could walk, talk and sing. She won several beauty pageants as a baby, so we continued to nurture her talents. Aliyauna is very comfortable in front of a camera and loves performing, whether it be on a movie project, a runway/photo shoot or performing a song. She has been cast to play young "Tasha" in T-Cats next movie project Gutter starring Wesley Jonathan filming in Houston starting in July/August 2013. Http://

Joshua Daniels, is playing Terrence in the film. He is originally from Austin, Texas. At age 10, Joshua was diagnosed with Asperger Disorder. But, he has never let his disorder stop him from living life. Joshua went on to star in many feature films, including: Dough- Directed by Erick Mauck, Summer League -Directed by Lex Lybrand, It's Kind, Of A Funny Story Directed by Edgar Garcia, Big Fish -Directed by Tracie Rubenstein, Farnsworth's Jelly – Directed by Matt Stoke, and other productions.

Teko Davis, plays the part of P. She began her commercial modeling career as a featured model with Xstudcee and was recently featured as the June 2013 centerfold Stud of the Month. A native of Detroit, Teko is quickly gaining the reputation in the LGBT community as “The most sought after stud model." Teko’s versatility as an androgynous actor and model has allowed her to transition seamlessly from print photography to theater where she recently starred as Mickey, The Pimp, Talitha and Katrice in the play Walk Like A Man. Teko has a BA in Psychology; and, enjoys giving back to her community by volunteering as a mentor for at-risk youth.

The mission statement that Teko often uses guide her life is “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal. You do not change your decision to get there."

So'Cara Milan-Anaye, is playing Cree Cree’s sister. She 7 years old and enjoys modeling and acting. So’Cara was in Orbit (2010) directed by Jessica Dorfman, as a wedding guest. She was also in When Angels Sing (2011), directed by Tim McCanlies. She was also a lead on a Houston film D (2013).

Chanise Littlefield, plays Shaquala in the film. She is from San Antonio, Texas. Chanise was crowned Miss Austin (2007), Miss Bexar County (2008), and Miss Black Texas (2008). She has starred in several short films, commercials and was the Television Host for UT Athletic Broadcast network.

Steve Thomas, as the preacher. He is a new actor and an old journalist. Steve comes to Talent Beyond Belief after completing small parts in a short film, a feature film and a series pilot, all of which are in post-production as filming for A Better Lyfe nears. Steve's 27-year communications career encompasses radio and newspaper journalism. He is having the time of his life in cinema.

Angele Cooper, 22 years old, was born and raised in Long Beach, California. She has an older brother and two younger sisters. Recruited for track, she earned herself a full-scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Radio, Television, and Film. This fall she will begin working toward her masters at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California. Her mom bought her first camcorder when she was 13 years old, and since she's never looked back. She has always loved acting and filming, and has worked on a few short films including Burning Sky, directed by Porche Kennedy. Also, two feature films, Necrosis Colony 10, by director Wendy Crouse and Decay, directed by Andy Lauer. Angele is a young ambitious woman who pushes herself to the limit. She is excited to join the cast of A Better Lyfe and looks forward to bringing all she has on screen.

Timeca M. Seretti, is Mama Jewell. She is a talented actress, singer, writer, and producer from Gary, Indiana. She has acted in NBC’s Friday Night Lights and several feature films like Hope, A Swingin Trio and Blacktino. But the work she is most proud of is an award winning short film titled Drama on the subject of childhood bullying that she wrote. She is mostly writing and directing these days and is currently producing the short The Gift.

Other cast and crew include co-writer, Jackie May, who has been writing scripts for about two years, Jimmy Walker, Director of Photography and Tyrone Bradshaw, Sound Engineer.

In the future, Talent Beyond Belief will develop a web series based on the remaining characters from the movie, A Better Lyfe. We have several other projects in the works as well. We are in negotiations with several authors to turn their books into films in the next few years. We also have three more scripts of our own to develop into film. The dream goes on!

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