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A better kind of nightlife starts with the Better Class

Get a better hold on 2010 with the Better Class
Get a better hold on 2010 with the Better Class
The Better Class

It’s oh-ten, and truth be told, the living has never been easier- especially in Charlotte. Innovative places like the Epicentre and the NC Music Factory keep challenging the definition of nightlife and making it more exciting. But if the city is constantly rebuilding its appearance, and even the nightlifers attending the new scene have changed (anyone else noticed the number of brides and grooms partying in bars?). . . what does that mean for dating in the city?

Then throw in this generation’s social networks and cell-phones, the modern day Prince/Princess Charming is no longer riding in on a white horse. . . rather, they are sending one as a gift for the latest Farm Ville or Farm Town app.

No worries though, because Monday, April 12th there’s a class for everyone to let their voices be heard.

Wondering what all the talks about? Hosted by Anna Kooiman, The Better Class will be presenting a Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams event, “a Town Hall style discussion and debate on the current state of the date” (Better Class flyer). Discussions will be held by Brittney Cason, Brooke Gibson, Dr. Dar, Brian Howie, Dr. Kristen Johnson and Shelli Stutz.

Tickets are $30, but the price includes an after seminar cocktail reception and a chance to meet these date in the Queen City experts. The event will be held at the Duke Energy Theatre and begins at 7pm, with the seminar starting at 7:30pm.

Single or committed, all nightlifers could use a little perspective on relationships now and then- this writer sure could. So save the date to learn about. . . well, the date!


  • Karen 5 years ago

    Sounds interesting, I have my life long partner though, so I hope it helps everyone else.....

  • Linda C 5 years ago

    yeah, they say the internet is killing dating..lets hope this helps :-) ppl need to be 'out there'.

  • Speedskater 5 years ago

    I went to this event and, oh boy, I should have spent my time looking for "Mr. Right". Why do "experts" think they can sit there and just say things that are so obvious (dress up for a date, have good manners, make eye contact, act hard-to-get, but not too hard!) and still be considered experts. The sole male on the panel, Brian Howlie, is as condesending as they come. If he is dating Lindsey Lohan, more power to him, but I get the feeling he actually hasn't been on a real date in a while. This whole "better Class" thing, maybe should be called "An OK Class".

  • allie 5 years ago

    I need all the help I can get!

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