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Core learning
Core learning
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Why Common Core State Standards? America’s standard of education has dropped in comparison to international students so, CCSS is a path to improve students’ academic abilities.

The goal of the program is to implement a unified state wide standard of learning. The standards established in CCSS were developed by a committee of educators and policy makers of various states. The National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers speared headed this committee. This committee incorporated ideas and sought feedbacks from varying facets of education.

The target year to implement the program for states that choice to adopt the program is 2015. Will that be sufficient time to improve test scores? Parents and educators vigorously debate this issue.

The program is a rigorous one, in the English Language category, students will be exposed to extensive “nonfictions”. Students are expected to be proficient in supporting their arguments. The reading materials will be highly sophisticated and supplementary writing will be integrated.

Math students will no longer be able to say “I can’t use this math in the real world”. Math concentration will be in life applications. The Math Core Standards will establish a stronger math foundation for kindergarteners up to 12th graders. Mastering each math concept is the primary focus.

On paper the program is comprehensive however, many are concern about the cost. Conversely, parents more concern about the end results.

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