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A beer for after you hit the gym

A beer for after you work out
A beer for after you work out

When you play sports , no matter if you are playing basketball, baseball or running a marathon. After you are done you most likely head to the fridge to grab a cold Gatorade or glass of water. The one thing that you do not think of is grabbing a ice cold beer. One Canadian beer company is getting into the mix to change that method of thinking. Lean Machine Brands Inc. has started to brew a beer they would like to call 'the sports recovery ale category'.

The beer comes with just 77 calories, has 7 vitamins and 7 grams of protein and it does not have any caffeine. Lean Machine Brands Inc. has made the extra effort to make the beer gluten free. Lean Machine beers come in a variety of styles:

• Classic Lager
• Lemon Ale
• Honey Ale
• Spicy Pepper Ale

Lean Machine beers have the benefits of having zinc to help your immune system to L-glutamine to help Muscle recovery after a workout. The next time you work out and you want a cold drink, what would it hurt to have a cold beer. Drink safe and enjoy your drinking.

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