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A beauty company most clever comes this way

How clever! A pretty savvy beauty company called has created tools for women that keep us organized, cuticle-clean, makeup-free and thrifty.

Tools to make beauty routines easier
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Squeeze out every last drop of product
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Okay the cuticle clean is a unique kit that has three tools, a trimmed, rubber nail pusher and a knife in one organizer and it’s great for just $6.99.

The makeup-free product is a bag of pads with Cotton Plus Technology that helps remove all traces of makeup and direct without rinsing or moisturizing. You just wet the pad and rub over your face. The product contains Argan oil extract and the 100# natural pads are Vitamin E-infused. The bag costs $7.49.

  • Here’s my favorite, an eye pencil organizer plus sharpener. Who could ask for more and for just $14.99, and it can hold 14 standard size eye liner pencils.
  • There’s also a tool and sharpening pencil organizer that fits in your handbag and holds eight thin preening tools for $7.99.
  • Probably the most clever is the Every Drop Beauty Spatula. How many times have you tried like mad to get that last drop of your favorite cream from the container, you finally get a scissor and cut it down, if you can, but this isn’t always doable. This little gem of a tool is a washable spataula that lets you dig way down and release every last drop. Hah, take that companies that make it hard to use the entire tube, found a way.
  • is one of the most unique Internet sites for beauty tools and products and offers solutions for skin care, anti-aging, foot care, nails, cosmetics, makeup, bath and body, cracked feet, hair threading, hair care, exfoliation and much more.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guaranteeon all products purchased through its website by contacting within 30 days of purchase.

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