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A Baltimore Rose by many other names is a good read

Baltimore native  and author Odessa Rose
Baltimore native and author Odessa Rose
digital photo by V.M. Oliver-Lawson

This writer is always looking for a good book to read. Recently, after meeting Baltimore's own author Odessa Rose, she had occasion to complete an interview, which concluded Friday, August 29, 2014. Below is the article which resulted from the interview.

'In the Mirror' written by author Odessa Rose, deals with the issue of being the other woman. Jasmine Falls wants to know if her man really loves her. She breaks into his house and hides in his closet for a week. Her findings are interesting, to say the least, as she sees him interacting with his wife and children.

Rose says this is a novel about loving oneself. She says she shows what is and what should be as her characters struggle with doing the right thing. Rose also said she wrote this book because of the stories she was hearing of the other woman. She began to wonder how the other woman would react to seeing the relationships in the man's family.

This is not Odessa Rose's first novel. Her first artistic endeavor was called, 'Water in a Broken Glass', which was released in 2000. 'Water' is about a sculptor named Tonya Mims who finds herself attracted to another woman, but finds herself involved in a love triangle. This novel is listed as number seventeen on the Twenty Essential Novels for African American Women's list.

Odessa Rose is a Baltimore native who attended Northwestern High School, Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) and received her degree in English from Coppin State University. She also attended University of Maryland College Park, where she received her graduate degree in literature. She likes the idea of focusing upon positive happenings as she and her husband, Mike, also produce a show on Facebook and YouTube called 'This is Baltimore, Too'. Rose says she writes to uplift and change people and is looking forward to airing the documentary on Baltimore City's public access channel.

Her influences were formed early in life as her mother, an avid reader, used to take Rose and her siblings to Walden Books and Crown Books. After being exposed to Reader's Digest, Odessa Rose decided that she, too, would become a writer. Additional influences in her life are her husband, whom she has known since age twelve and novelist Toni Morrison, her favorite writer.

Rose has just finished her next novel entitled, 'Kizmic's Journey'. She said the idea was birthed fourteen years ago and has been an on-and-off again project. In this story set in the 1970's, Rose's character, Kizmic, is a tomboy who loves boys' games and her family. She sees the changing dynamics as her sister matures and begins to clash with their mother. After seeing this, Kizmic does not want to grow up because she is quite comfortable being who she is. The inevitable happens and as the boys begin to realize she is a girl, friendships are strained and begin to change. Rose is not sure, at this point, when 'Kizmic's Journey' will release because it is now in the hands of her publisher.

Rose's website is She can be contacted at

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