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A Bahamas vacation is an ideal choice

Paradise Island is a great location in which to golf
Paradise Island is a great location in which to golf
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When planning to take their yearly vacation, some families find the selection process a bit daunting. If this is the case, they should consider the alluring, tropical environment of the Bahamas. Such vacations offer families the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation.

A Favorite of Honeymooners

The Bahamas are a long time favorite of honeymooners as well, and whether the trip is planned for a family or a couple, these beautiful islands are the perfect choice. There are over 50 top notch resorts from which to choose, and whether one is interested in swimming, fishing, diving, or sightseeing, the perfect accommodations can be found.

The Out Islands

The Out Islands are a cluster of isolated villages that families in search of peace and quiet are sure to enjoy. The charming, simplistic way of life in these villages can be a welcomed, refreshing change from a fast paced life. Here, families and couples can reconnect in a peaceful, relaxing environment.

The Out Islands are renown for their unspoiled beaches and water-sporting opportunities. Additional activities include golf, bird watching, and hikes through the tropical wilderness to explore the unspoiled landscape of the island. This area is the perfect foil for the speed-of-light lifestyle lived by those in high pressure occupations or individuals who desperately need to unwind.

Harbor Island

Those who enjoy the beauty of creative architecture must consider putting Harbor Island on their list of places to visit. This area features a pink sandy beach and is the number one destination for those interested in snorkeling. Beautiful coral reefs and clear blue ocean waves await visitors of Harbor Island.

Those seeking a classic, unspoiled beach location for their vacation should certainly consider spending time in the beautiful Bahamas. Ferry service is available for those who simply cannot choose just one island, but would rather enjoy them all. Ultimately, those who select the Bahamas for their annual vacation will not regret the decision.