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A Bad Luck Guy could be a good movie- Check out the INDIEGOGO campaign.

If you were lucky enough to attend The Shawna Shea Memorial Scholarship Independent Short Film Festival at the Somerville Theater last November, you got to see a number of worthy entries. Not the least was the big winner, Transparent Frog Films’ Devil May Care.

A Bad Luck Guy in a Bad Luck Town
A Bad Luck Guy in a Bad Luck Town

Briefly, the plot is the devil figuring out the prince of all evil gig isn’t worth it and wants to come back to Paradise. The film engaged everyone who saw it and it won best picture and the audience award for its block. Diana Porter garnered best actress for her sympathetic portrayal of Death as a kindly maiden.

Kyle Johannessen wrote and directed the gem and Greg Metro produced. Mikel Wisler was cinematographer and Justine Gendron had that most valuable and all too often unsung job of editing.

Well, the team that made DMC are back and have more to offer. This time it’s film noir flick, A Bad Luck Guy in a Bad Luck Town. Of course the people who brought the devil in from the cold, well the heat, are going to have a different take.

A Bad Luck Guy in Bad Luck Town is “Set in a dark and strange city where a world of magic lies just beneath the surface, we meet The Guy, a low level hit-man for the magical underworld. He wakes up to a string of bad luck that he can’t seem to shake, and it is getting worse by the minute!”

How do I know all this, Team Bad Luck has an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN. Heck, I’ve just scratched the surface.

The Kyle, Greg and Justine are back as is Mikel. Diana Porter will star with Chris Goodwin who played the Angel Gabriel, Gabe to close friends.

Not only that, the Transparent Frog Films’ command staff have put together a package of perks to excite even the most jaded fan of Raymond Chandler.

The Boston Film Industry Examiner urges you to mosey on over to the INIEGOGO page. If A Bad Luck Guy in a Bad Luck Town is as good as Devil May Care, it will be something to see.

There is a facebook page here. You can follow on Twitter.

The video is an interview with Diana and Greg at the Shawna Shea, enjoy.

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