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A Babes in Play Top 10: The Top Female S-Rank Supports of Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem: Awakening has many potential wives to offer, but who among them is the best?
Fire Emblem: Awakening has many potential wives to offer, but who among them is the best?
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In the storied history of Nintendo's Fire Emblem series, none have accumulated critical acclaim and a fanbase quite like their most recent installment for the 3DS with Fire Emblem: Awakening. The game still retains elements of the games of old employing realtime RPG strategies and statbuilding, but also giving players unfamiliar with the earlier titles a fighting chance with easier modes and DLC chapters with the sole purpose of gaining gold and/or experience points. Of course, one of the major selling points of Awakening are wide cast of characters, each with their own individual personalities that anyone can attach to.

What really makes the game unique is the ability to create your own character and have them join the ranks among The Shepherds alongside the main hero Chrom in their quest to retain peace in the kingdom of Ylisse while creating fellowships all the while. In that aspect, by partnering up certain units with one another in battle allows the players to build up "Support Rank" conversations to further aid in battle. When building support ranks with two members of the opposite gender, two members of the Shepherds can get married and subsequently summon forth their child from the future who is set on preventing their ill-fated future from befalling them again. This also applies to your avatar character, who can marry practically anyone they choose and have their own son/daughter Morgan.

For male gamers, there's a vary of fascinating women to betroth your character with. From a fun-loving princess, an intelligent mage, the money-loving merchant, a shy dancer, even a former villainess if you're patient and lucky enough to recruit her. So with all the potential wives Awakening has to offer, which ones stand at the top from the 23 available? It took some heavy research and polling, but the decisive ranks have been determined. That being said, it's nigh time to reveal the Top 10 Women of Fire Emblem: Awakening to reach S-Rank supports with.

10. Noire

Noire may be the living example of a coin having two sides. She can be soft-spoken and cowardly one moment only for her to suddenly snap into an aggressive side screaming out for "Blood and Thunder!" Most of this stems from the fact her own mother practiced curses on her. Whichever side of her you get though, she is effective in using a bow and arrow enough to protect all those around her. If you can handle all her sudden outbursts, Noire may just be the right girl for you to court.

9. Lissa

She may be the princess of Ylisse, but Chrom's sister Lissa is far from noble like any royal you'd know. She acts out immaturely, playing pranks on others and having an audible dislike of putting in too much hard work. But she still has a lot of optimism and is, according to her roster entry, the most likeable/approachable member of The Shepherds. She is also the future mother of the 2nd most popular overall character, the theatrical Owain. It may take a lot of endurance from pranks, but marrying Lissa is nothing but beneficial.

8. Nowi

Even though Nowi may take the appearance of a young girl, the fact is she is what's known within the Fire Emblem universe as a "manakete," a human-like being that can turn into a dragon. Therefore, she has lived to be MUCH older than she looks. However, she doesn't quite act her age as she still enjoys being playful and eating candy. But at the same time she can learn to be responsible, especially when it comes to caring for her future daughter Nah. Even if Nowi will end up outliving your character, she can make sure the years spent are worth it.

7. Olivia

In a class of her own, Olivia has a lot to offer both as a wife and a partner. While she is extremely shy and can't stand being stared at, her dancing skills are second to none giving enough inspiration to anyone who sees her another turn in battle. With enough practice in battle, she is also very capable with a sword. As long as you're willing to put up with the lecherous nature of her future son Inigo, Olivia makes for a very loving and beautiful wife.

6. Severa

There's something to be said about the girls who are incredibly snarky it counterintuitively makes them charming, but Severa is a fine example of it. She treats everyone rather harshly ever since she's tried her hardest to live up to the standards of her "perfect" mother. Severa is also equally as fierce with a weapon in her hands against any enemy she goes against. But over time, you can melt her heart of ice enough to win her hand in marriage...and she'll still treat you harshly, but at least to a lesser degree.

5. Tiki

Tiki is another Manakete who has a storied history longer than Nowi's, having been around since the very first Fire Emblem game as a former friend to the great hero-king Marth. She reemerges in Awakening as a very wise and graceful being to assist the Shepherds in saving the world once more. Although she still shows signs of her youth when she mistakes certain people for her beloved "Mar-Mar." Nevertheless Tiki is a very enchanting woman who will make anyone's heart melt, and that's without her having to breath fire to do so.

4. Cherche

Nobody would suspect upon looking at Cherche to be anything but another charming woman, but that's until she starts talking to her beloved wyvern named "Minerva." She has the uncanny ability to communicate with her pet dragon and treat it as like a household pet, and at the same time address bugs and zombies as "cute little things." But her kind demeanor is countered by how fierce she handles an axe on her foes. Regardless of how unordinary she acts, there's enough love for her to be popular as a potential wife.

3. Cordelia

She may be incapable of winning Chrom's heart, but Cordelia has enough love from a lot of other men who have seen her in action. No other women in the Shepherds come close to her intellect and dedication, even if her stride for perfection can be a little over the top. She's also very ashamed over the fact she has a lower than average bust size. But if her top ranking is any indication, then a lot of male gamers are more than willing to look past it in favor of her overall beauty both inside and out.

2. Tharja

It's hard to resist the dark ones, especially when Tharja is already in love with your avatar from the start. Her obsession may come off as creepy to some when she tries casting hexes and curses just to get attention. Even when she marries another she still never gives up her dedication to the avatar, whoever you make him or her to be. But still, Tharja's recieved so much love from players that she currently is the only Awakening character to actually have a figure modeled after her. There's no harm in giving Tharja what she wants in marrying her, but don't expect her to treat your future children with the same love.

1. Lucina

It really shouldn't be any surprise that Lucina reigns supreme over all the other women in Awakening, playing a major role throughout the game. She is as every bit as strong and brave as her father, even if she can once in a while make a poor judgment call; Such as attempting to murder your character to protect Chrom or trying to find the right dress for her mother. Some would probably say she's a bit too serious at times. But Lucina has the right balance of strength and beauty to garner being at the top of the mountain and makes for a very loving wife for the avatar. Clearly no other woman is as exalted as Lucina, making her trip across time a worthwhile one.

This is Greg P., examining video game babes for you and me.

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