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The Science of personal change is wrapped up in Sir Isaac Newton’s (1642-1727) First Law of Motion: An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an outside force.

Newton’s first law of movement may assist you in moving from flabby to fit. Finding your outside force is the key.

Many others have found that accountability to others is that outside force.

Fitness accountability calls for open and honest assessment of your specific desired change in fitness.

Choosing accountability partners (teams)

Give special attention to whom you become accountable. Search for individuals (or groups) who display an active understanding of your desire and who can commit to consistent availability. You do not need critics. You do not require judgment. Accountability teams have been given permission to hold up a progress mirror to your actions. Did your actions clearly reflect your established goals?

Accountability partners (teams) can work effectively from a distance through phone or e-mail. Straight forward questions with direct answers can be very effective in moving you closer toward your fitness goals.

Look for both open and closed ended questions from you accountability team

Sample closed ended questions seeking a Yes or No answer:

Did you run your three miles today? Did you get to the gym four times last week? Did you walk for 30 min after work each day?

Sample open ended questions seeking continued positive change thinking :

What do you think enabled you to be successful? What do you think kept you from being more successful than you would have liked to have been? What will you do differently next week?

Workout accountability partners

Accountability can also come from others who actually go the extra mile with you. These individuals meet you at 6:00am for that tough Boot Camp workout. They go for the bike ride, play the extra set of tennis or enter the 10K event with you. There is a much greater likelihood of workout follow through knowing that your workout partner is meeting you at a specific time and place.

Developing a system of fitness accountability can be a significant step forward for you in your pursuit of even greater health and fitness.

Boot Camp Examiner First Law of Personal Fitness Change (With thanks to Sir Isaac Newton): Those who exercise regularly tend to continue exercising regularly. Those who live a sedentary lifestyle tend to remain in a sedentary lifestyle. This phenomenon advances or declines until one is met with an equal or greater force.

What are your fitness goals? Were you active this week in moving toward those goals? What helped you be successful? What kept you from being as successful as you would have liked to have been?

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