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A 30 second phone charger: Only one year away? Early charger designs promising

A 30 second phone charger prototype is little more than a year away before its initial completion, and cellular phone users across the U.S. are already buzzing about the incredible possibility of such a time-saving device. StoreDot, a company situated in Israel, is already claiming that it is in the process of making an advanced phone charger that takes literally less than a minute to provide your phone with fully charged power. NewsMax describes the details surrounding this important prototype this Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in a new report.

Wikimedia Commons
A 30 second phone charger is in its early stages

Rather than a couple of long hours, this 30 second phone charger by StoreDot is boasting that their promising device can have your cellphone at 100 percent power in half a minute. While only in the prototype stages as of now, the early designs of the charger are expected to be preliminarily complete in just one year, and possibly ready for public consumption within three years.

The power of this battery-charging device was first revealed this Monday in Tel Aviv at the Think Next Conference, hosted by none other than technology giant, Microsoft. In a recent press release to TechCrunch, the company added that they believe their 30 second phone charger might become commercially available sometime in 2017, though that’s only a hopeful guess for now.

So far at this time, StoreDot has already received a massive $6.25 million in funding from a number of investors, one of whom is said to be Samsung. With this potential device in tow, millions of people across the U.S. might have the chance to say goodbye to long charging times, and hello to a brief and powerful battery recharge without the hassle.

"We are about one year from a functional prototype that will be inside the device," StoreDot's CEO and founder Dr. Doron Myersdorf told TechCrunch. "Right now we show a battery that extends beyond the form factor of the smartphone. So in one year we'll have reached the size, and in two years we'll reach the required energy density for the entire day."

The Wall Street Journal notes, unfortunately, that a small number of challenges still stand in StoreDot’s way before their promising 30 second phone charger hits shelves here in the U.S. nation. The overall size of the device would need to be significantly reduced in order to comfortably fit into most common phones today (including smartphones), as well as lower the general retail cost from that of almost twice of that of the average phone charger.

"The only disadvantage is that the industry is not ready for it. The ecosystem is not ready,” the StoreDot founder added in a statement. “This is a new type of material, with new physics, new chemistry, that is actually coming from nature. ... Our challenge is not only stabilizing our own material but to change the entire ecosystem around the manufacturing of semi-conductor and batteries in order to be able to accommodate bio-organic material."

What might you do with your extra time if you had a phone charger that only took 30 seconds to fully power up your phone? The possibilities are exciting — albeit making our society only that more reliant on its near-constant use of technology, particularly cellular phones.

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