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Still full of energy, but bored with the same old thing? Tired of the selection at the movie theater? Looking for a unique date for that new or special someone? Here's a good idea. On Thursday, Febrary 20th at 7:00 PM, in the Kanbar Studio on Pier 15, The Exploratorium is hosting "Off the Screen: Caroline Martel's Wavemakers". It will include a demonstration of an ondes Martenot by Geneveive Grenier, and filmmaker Caroline Martel will be there in person.

"So what the heck is an ondes Martenot?" you ask. It is a fragile, intricate design developed in the early days of electronic instruments producing an extremely evocative, completely unique sound that transfixes musicians and audiences alike. Caroline Martell explores the lingering legacy, mystery, and rebirth of the ondes Martenot in her new film "Wavemakers".

Using her love of a creativer approach to documentary filmaking, Caroline Martel pursues the unusual, sometimes convoluted history of the ondes Martenot with never before seen archaival footage and in-depth interviews with the few professional ondists such as Suzanne Binet-Audet (the Jimi Hendricks of ondes Martenots), many enthusiasts such as Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, and the inventor's family. Martel follows the instrument from a labor of love for its inventor, Maurice Martenot, to a source of obsession for musicians and hackers trying to recreate its indescribable sound with new designs.

Caroline Martel will be there for a Question and Answer session after the film's screening.

Geneveive Grenier is one of the world's foremost ondists. She has been a member of the Ensemble d'ondes de Montreal since 1988. She has performed internationally with orchestras and musicians. What an exciting prospect to hear this talent perform live!!!

The film is 96 minutes. There is limited seating, but tickets are free with museum entrance fee. Seating, however is on a first come, first served basis. This evening is for 18 years and older, please.

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