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9mm Target toy aisle: Gun loaded with 8 bullets and within reach of kids

9mm gun found in toy aisle at Target, the gun had eight bullets in it.
9mm gun found in toy aisle at Target, the gun had eight bullets in it.
Wikimedia Commons

Police are looking for the person who left a loaded 9mm gun in the toy aisle at Target, which could have been a tragedy if a child passing by picked it up thinking it was a toy. Thankfully it was an employee who found the gun at the Myrtle Beach Target store before a kid came along and decided to play with it.

According to MSN News on June 6, the employee was investigating a possible theft in the store when he came across the loaded 9mm firearm. The gun was laying on top of a superhero toy box. He was investigating a man that he saw repeatedly walking around that area of the toy aisle, but he didn't know if the man had placed the gun on the toy box.

As Travelers Today suggests a loaded gun in the toy aisle at Target "could have ended with dire consequences if a child found the loaded gun." Thankfully the employee was the one to discover the firearm.

Police said the gun had eight bullets inside, so it was ready to be fired. After running the serial numbers through their database, the police found that the gun was not reported as stolen. The gun doesn't appear to be registered to anyone. They are going over the store's security camera to see who put the gun in an area that kids would be drawn to it.

Target is one of the many businesses that are under pressure to prohibit customers from bringing their legal firearms in the store. On Wednesday a petition asking the company not to allow gun-toting customers in the store was launched by the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

The gun was described as a "black gun" and it could have easily been mistaken for a toy. People in the area were stunned to hear that someone would do this in the toy department, as that gun would have been a magnet for some child walking by. As of today police are going over the surveillance camera video trying to pin point the person who did this.

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