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9mm Target toy aisle: Loaded gun left in Target, police scanning security video

A 9mm gun found in a Target toy aisle this week could have led to fatal consequences had a child accidentally fired the loaded weapon. A total of eight bullets were discovered inside the very real gun that had been dropped off in the toy aisle of a South Carolina Target store, stunning local residents when they heard the news. USA Today shares this Thursday, June 5, 2014, that state police are currently in the process of scanning recent security videos in the hopes of finding out who might have left the gun there.

A 9mm gun left in the Target toy aisle, police search
Wikimedia Commons

While toy guns meant for kids today might look (a little bit too) realistic at times, law enforcement authorities are investigating a 9mm Target toy aisle scare, a disturbing situation in which an actual loaded gun ended up in a rack of children’s toys. The official police file notes that a Target employee at the Myrtle Beach Target store location called 911 to report a potential theft earlier that day, and in doing so led to the unexpected discovery. While scrutinizing a rack in the aisle, that’s when the male worker saw the black gun sitting right on top of a toy box.

According to the employee’s statement, he had seen a mysterious man walking back and forth around that part of the toy section in Target shortly before the 9mm gun was found, but police have not confirmed whether this figure might have been the one to leave the gun available for an innocent child to grab in the aisle.

The Huffington Post provides some more details on this still emerging story. It appears that the handgun was not reported stolen and did not belong to anyone in police databases. A total of eight bullets were found inside the 9mm gun. Police officials added in their statement that they were already in the process of scanning security video camera tapes around that time in an attempt to ascertain who might have dropped the deadly weapon in the Target store.

What comes particularly shocking about this act in which a possibly fatal crisis was fortunately averted is that this 2014 has seen a marked increase in restaurants and retailers strictly barring customers from bringing any guns into their establishments. Just this week, a rising group known as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America recently brought a public petition to Target company officials, requesting that they consider prohibiting any future customers from being allowed to carry guns or similar weapons into their stores across the U.S. nation.

Following the 9mm being found in the Target toy aisle, a spokeswoman for the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina branch reiterated that the safety of its employees and the security of its customers remain a top priority at all times. Both officials at the store, as well as the employee who saw the mysterious man, are working with police to provide video footage in the hopes of locating and punishing the individual responsible for leaving the loaded gun in plain sight and access of kids.

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