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9Health Fairs in Denver – Get Low Cost Health Screenings this May and June!

Through May and June, residents of Denver CO and the surrounding areas can take advantage of the low cost health screenings offered by 9Health Fair! You'll be able to get a wide variety life saving, yet high cost health screenings for a much lower price. This is extremely helpful even if you have insurance, because what you will be paying up front for your screenings at 9Health Fairs would still likely be lower than what you would be paying elsewhere. Many of the screenings are even completely free!

Of course, if you happen to get a screen that comes back outside of normal or safe ranges, you will be referred to your health care provider. These screenings have been known to help patients detect something going wrong, where they might have not gone to their doctor about it because they thought it wasn't necessary, and it was too costly for something that didn't seem necessary at the time. These screenings are availble to anyone over the age of 18.

9Health puts on these low cost or free screening fairs, because many young adults and older adults don't seek the preventative care they need because of the high cost of health care, or they simply can't find the time to make appointments for everything they would think to get screened for.

You will need to visit the 9Health Website to find out all the details for each screening that is available, and where you will need to go for them. Here are just a few of the basic health screenings that are available: Blood Chemistry Screening (Blood Draw), Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) (Men Only Blood Draw), Colon Cancer Screening Kit (take home and mail in) and Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI).

Here are a few of the optional screenings, but you will need to make sure these are available for each specific location: Ask a Pharmacist (discuss over the counter and prescribed medications), Body in Balance Screening (checks posture, flexibility, strength and balance, Bone Health Screening (bone density, checked with ultrasound of your heel), Breast Screening (not a mammogram), Diabetes Risk Assessment and Cardiac Risk Assessment. Many of these optional screenings are completely free, such as the breast screening.

One person who participated in the 9Health Fair benefited greatly from going, as she was unaware of her condition that would lead to the type of heart disease that took her father. Here is Mickie O.'s story of how 9Health Fair helped save her health and her life:

“Seven months after her father passed away from a heart attack, Mickie went to a 9Health Fair. Her blood screening results indicated that her cholesterol levels were high. She went to her doctor who referred her to a cardiologist. An angiogram showed a partial blockage in her artery. Since then, she has made important changes in her life – she is on medication, receives regular checkups and goes to 9Health Fair every year - except last year to attend her son’s wedding! She believes 9Health Fair helped save her life and prevented her from suffering a heart attack like her father.” - From

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