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99c Flooring Sale at Lawrence's Floor Trader. June 1-16, 2010

99c Flooring Sale at Lawrence’s Floor Trader.  June 1-16, 2010.
99c Flooring Sale at Lawrence’s Floor Trader. June 1-16, 2010.

I have to tell you, I like this Floor Trader Sale! One price, 99c per square foot, for your choice of any kind of flooring. Choose from over 20,000 square feet of carpet, laminate, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile or porcelain tile in our Lawrence warehouse store. It’s all the same price. Mix and match products, it’s still the same total price.

As an example, you’d like new carpet for your living room that measures 12’x15’. Using basic math (length x width), you have 180 square feet of floor space. That’s $180 for your new carpet.  Easy, huh? Maybe you’d rather have wood laminate instead.  Same price… $180!

If your kitchen is 10’x12’, you have 120 square feet of space. At 99c, that’s $120 for new vinyl flooring… or $120 for new ceramic or porcelain floor tile… or $120 for new wood laminate. I love it! So easy!

Look around your house. Measure those rooms that could use a facelift! At up to 80% off, now IS the time! Values on these floors are up to $5/sq.ft but during the sale, they’re all the same... just 99c! Choose from discontinued, overstock and remnant inventory. Everything is IN STOCK and ready to go. “At-Cost Installation” services are available if you need a pro to help. Supply is limited in most cases so shop early and often. If you miss the opening days of the sale, don’t worry. More items are added as the sale progresses.

There’s only one place for this sale…

The Floor Trader.

3000 Iowa St.

Lawrence, KS

785 841-3838.

Mon-Sat. 9am-5pm.

Sun. 12pm-5pm

Note: Price examples may vary slightly due to product package sizes. Refer to my previous articles for help with measuring your rooms and product information. Please pass this notice on to your friends who want to save money on their flooring. Thanks!



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