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99 Days of Freedom: Experiment asks if you can give up Facebook for 99 days

Could you give up Facebook for over three months?
Could you give up Facebook for over three months?

Many people have tried giving Facebook in the past for different reasons, but it often proves to be rather unsuccessful. Well, the secret mood experiment conducted by Facebook has angered users enough that they are looking to fire back. A press release was issued on July 8, 2014, and it introduces a new mood experiment called 99 Days of Freedom and it pits users firing back against Facebook.

It's a non-profit initiative simply known as "99 Days of Freedom" and it is in response to Facebook manipulating the news feeds of around 700,000 unsuspecting users to check their moods.

With 99 Days of Freedom, users are being asked to completely give up Facebook for a full 99 days in a row and then report back on how their happiness is affected. Here are the overly simple directions for taking part in the experiment.

1.) Change your profile picture to the "99 Days of Freedom" picture written in traditional white font on a Facebook blue background.

2.) Share your last link (at least for now) - On the website, you can add in your name and email address and create a countdown for your 99 days.

3.) Don't use Facebook for 99 days. - As the site says, that means no messenger, no sharing, no updating, no logging in, nothing.

Could you possibly give up Facebook for 99 Days of Freedom? Imagine not being able to post anything or scroll through your news feed for a full 99 days. There is a message board for everyone to share what they are doing during the break from Facebook, but there will be no logging into the site.

"We had a lot of arguments about the experiment's duration. If it's too extended, participants will lose interest. If it's too short, there's no meaningful behavioral change to assess," said Just director Merijn Straathof. "In the end, we landed on a 99-day program with periodic surveys and posts, hoping that such interaction will serve as a support group of sorts. As everyone at our firm is participating in the experiment, we'll be testing that one first-hand."

The nonprofit group was started by a creative agency in The Netherlands, but they want users around the world to participate in 99 Days of Freedom.

It's already expected that a lot of people trying to give up Facebook for that long will fail. Staying off of Facebook is something that a lot of people try to do for Lent, but they usually end up failing as well, and that's only 40 days.

99 days seems unheard of in this day and age, but that's to do anything.

Many people will give it a go, but it is likely that many people will fail in the 99 Days of Freedom challenge. Facebook is expected to win out in the end, but it's still an interesting look at your own personal will power.

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