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Brewery 99 pack debuts: 99 cans of beer takes 2 to carry in 7-ft box (Video)

99 cans of beer in a 7-foot box rolls out just in time for Labor Day weekend!
99 cans of beer in a 7-foot box rolls out just in time for Labor Day weekend!
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You’ve heard of 99 bottles of beer on the wall, but not 99 cans of beer in a box, which is the latest sales promotion from Austin Brewery. This huge seven-foot box with 99 cans of beer is rolling out just in time for the Labor Day weekend, reports Fox News live on Aug. 27.

The 99 beer cans come in a seven-foot box, which not only makes it tricky to maneuver, but tricky to store, still folks are interested. Houston’s 92 FM reports today that the 99 cans come in one “very long box!” Besides having a lot of beer inside the box, it makes for a cool conversation piece. The "Anytime Beer," which is what the huge-long box advertises, will put a smile on your friends' faces when you show up dragging this monstrosity with you.

The LA Magazine reports that this 99 cans of beer will set you back $99, but it will quench the crowd’s thirst for sure. The cans are 12 ounces and the amount of beer you get in this box is equivalent to about a half of a keg of beer.

Can you imagine showing up at a picnic this weekend with your 99 pack of beer? It takes two people to carry it because it is so long and hard to get in and out of the car! In the video above, you can see how the 99 cans of beer in the seven-foot box can fit in the back seat of a compact car, providing it hangs out the window.

The box of beer weighs 82-pounds, so it is not something one person is going to want to carry alone unless they’re a weight lifter. OK, the 99 cans of beer are extremely heavy, very long and really cool to look at, but what about the taste?

The Austin Beerworks decided to go with Peacemaker Extra Pale Ale beer in the super pack of beers. The new beer box will be in stores starting Thursday, so if you want to be the life of the party this weekend, you might want to tow along the 99 beer pack!

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