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98 year old evicted from her home of 50 years: ‘Brawny fight’ by 98-year-old

The 98-year-old evicted San Francisco resident who is supposed to leave her home of 50 years because some rich people want to get even richer is ready for “a brawny fight.” In an interview, 98-year-old evicted Mary Phillips said, “I didn’t sit down and cry, I just refused to believe it. They’re going to have to take me out of here feet first,” reports KRON4 on July 9.

98 year old evicted from her home of 50 years: Senior ready for ‘a brawny fight’
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Phillips moved into her apartment on Dolores Street in San Francisco 50 years ago. She is one of many seniors at the apartment complex and her home is filled with a lifetime full of memories. Because of her advanced age, Phillips doesn’t go out anymore but watches the world from the comfort and safety of her patio.

Unfortunately, money cares very little about what a 98-year-old senior needs. Phillips’ apartment complex is owned by Urban Green Investments, a company that apparently bought several buildings in San Francisco with the purpose of reselling the buildings for profits.

Apparently, before being able to sell Phillips’ building for profit, the current residents have to leave, and under the 1986 Ellis Act, landlords have the unconditional right to evict tenants if they want to get out of the rental business.

The 98-year-old evicted Mary Phillips says that she never missed paying her rent on time and that she has no other place to live and nowhere else to go. Reportedly, San Francisco has a formula based on age and length of tenancy and requires compensation from at least $5,153 and up. Under the Ellis Act, “evictions require a one year notice for senior and disabled tenants, 120 days for all others.”

In comparison to her memories, money and time to move under the regulations of the Ellis Act are of little importance to Phillips. “Just because of your age, don’t let people push you around,” she says -- and took action.

The 98-year-old evicted senior has taken a lawyer and Mary Phillips’ message has travelled around the world by now with many people commenting on the Vanishingsf (Vanishing San Francisco) Facebook page. “Feel free to let Urban Green CEO David McCloskey, who's evicting her, know what you think, ask him how he sleeps at night and if he'd put his grandmother on the streets. (415) 651-4441”

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