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911 goes to voicemail:Thugs break in home, victim shoots 1 in 911 voicemail flub

A 911 call goes to voicemail during a home intrusion resulting in a robbery and one man being shot. The incident happened in Port Richey, Fla. in the middle of the night last week where four robbers broke into a family's home not once, but twice on the same night. In a June 17 report out by Huffington Post, the homeowner called into 911 after he was awaken by intruders beating him up.

When the man has a chance to dial 911 after the robbers leave the house, his call goes through the fire department before it reaches the dispatcher -- who tries connecting him to law enforcement. Ultimately the 911 call goes to voicemail by mistake.

The recording said:

"If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911."

It was during that message that the suspects return and the man tells the dispatcher he's finally reconnected with that he shot one of the robbers. WTSP is cited in the Huffington Post report as saying the four intruders stole cash, prescription drugs, and pills on Gawain Road in Port Richey.

The dispatcher asks the man -- whose name hasn't been released -- what's going on and the caller is heard saying in the recording:

"Somebody just came into my house. Four people just came into my house, they beat the s**t out of me and my wife and stepmother, and they robbed us."

Three suspects have been caught in the robbery -- Joseph Rich, Michael Reverdes, and Steven Reverdes. The fourth suspect, Steven Reverdes, was shot in the back by the homeowner. The victim isn't expected to be charged with anything for self-defense purposes.

According to WTSP's report, Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco talks more about what happened during the robbery. He says when the homeowner let the suspects know he had a gun and would use it, a gun battle was launched. He adds that the other family members were threatened by the intruders as well.

He says:

"They pistol-whipped the female and took a weapon and pointed it to the child and said they would kill the child if they don't get what they want."

Sheriff Nocco tells WTSP what home robberies like this often amount to:

"These are street thugs. Sixteen hundred bucks, that's a good day. Anything to get them through the next high."

Apparently the home was a "targeted house by the suspects," deputies say because the woman recognized the robbers as the "Reverdes brothers."

Medicine vials with names, some prescription pills, and unlabeled vials were uncovered by deputies. Nocco wants citizens to know that the incident was "not a random house"; it was "targeted."

Fortunately the victims in this violent home intrusion weren't seriously harmed. When someone calls for emergency help, a 911 call that goes to voicemail is the last thing they expect, or need.

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