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911 goes to voicemail: Man shoots home intruder after 911 operator mistake

A man who was the victim of a home invasion called 911, but he ends up shooting the intruder himself when the dispatcher transfers his call to voicemail. The man hails from Port Richie, Florida and his name has not been released, but his story is just chilling after he was mistakenly transferred to 911 voicemail and left to fend for himself, according to the Huffington Post on June 18.

911 call during a home invasion goes to voicemail. Man shoots intruder, but won't face charges.

The man was at home with his wife and mother-in-law when four intruders broke in and beat all three people. They took money and prescription medication before fleeing. The man made the 911 call and as he was on the phone, the intruders returned.

His call went through to the fire department and as the dispatcher was transferring his call to police line, the call went to a voicemail. The man had no choice but to shoot his gun to protect himself and his family.

While the man was on the phone waiting for a live person to take his plea for help, the call went to a recording saying "if this is an emergency, hang up and call 911." When the caller was reconnected to the dispatcher, his home intrusion call now turned into him reporting that he had shot an intruder.

The dispatcher from the police asked, "what is going on," and the man answers by saying "Somebody just came into my house. Four people just came into my house, they beat the s--t out of me and my wife and stepmother, and they robbed us."

The Global Grind reports that this 911 mistake made in Florida came just a week after a 911 operator told a rape victim to "stop crying." Don't these dispatchers understand that you are in the height of a crisis when making a 911 call and their voice and directions on the other end of the phone are very important to the victim's survival?

One of the intruders, Steven Reverdes, was shot in the back, but is alive and the homeowner is not expected to face any charges for this shooting. Steven Reverdes and his brother, Michael Reverdes, and Joseph Rich are in police custody today. The fourth suspect is still at large.

As you might expect, the man is upset and he is devastated that he actually had to shoot the intruder. He did so to protect his family. The transfer mistake made by the 911 dispatcher didn't slow down police response time claims Pasco County officials. Maybe not, but at a time when this man needed someone live to pick up the phone and verbally help him through a crisis, the system failed him.


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