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911 goes to voicemail: 1 of 4 burglars shot after emergency call error

In Florida, a 911 emergency call went to voicemail accidentally during a violent home invasion. A Pasco County man was forced to shoot one of four robbers, who broke into the home looking for valuables and battered several occupants. The incident of the botched 911 call took place last week, but Huffington Post first reported on the crime on June 17.

Police crime scene tape (file photo)
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

A Port Richey resident woke up in the "death of the night" last week to four men attacking him and his family. Apparently, the burglary suspects were there in search of drugs, money, and valuables, according to information contained in a police report.

A 911 call was placed but it went to voicemail. Moments later, when a live operator arrived on the line, they learned the man shot one of the intruders in the back and three others fled the scene. A short time later, police swarmed the area in search of the suspects, who were later apprehended.

The 911 call/voicemail and transcript were released. On the recording, frantic screams can be heard along with what appears to be struggling as the residents were being attacked and fighting for their lives.

A voicemail message can be heard that says, "If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911." During that time, the man used a shotgun to take matters into his own hands in protection of lives: his child, wife, stepmother, and his own.

Although the 911 operator sent the call to voicemail mistakenly, a police spokesperson said it did not affect the response time. However, according to a TownHall report, it took 3 minutes and 43 seconds for emergency dispatch to reroute the call from the fire department to the police department. What's more, during the time of the residential break-in and violence that followed, sources say officers allegedly were sent to the wrong address.

Thankfully, there was no loss of life during the home burglary and error in sending the 911 call to voicemail. Police arrested three of four suspects in connection with the incident: Steven Reverdes (sustained gunshot wounds), Michael Reverdes, and Joseph Rich. A fourth suspect is still at-large at the time of this writing.

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