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911 dispatcher helps fiance: 911 dispatcher gets call from home, son was choking

A 911 dispatcher got an unusual distress call over her emergency line that we're certain she won’t soon forget – the call came in from her own home, from her fiancé, who was phoning up in a panic because their son was choking. The mom’s ability to stay calm and provide composed direction over the line was put to the test – but we’re happy to report that her son was able to be saved by the paramedics that she sent to her home.

Reports Fourteen-month-old “Maverick was in the bedroom playing as his father moved furniture into the living room. When Robert Kimball went back into [Maverick’s] room, he knew something was wrong. Kimball, who is a former orderly, tried to dislodge a metal washer that the infant had swallowed. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get it out.”

Dispatcher Britney Melchor was able to table her emotions, as she is trained to do, and what better help to get when calling 911 than from mom? The 911 dispatcher fielded a call, only to realize it was coming from her own home. Her young son was choking on a large metal washer and needed help.

“I heard him say an address and I perked up and then I heard him say it again and I recognized that as my own home address,” she said.

The Northern California mom from Marysville spoke about saving her son’s life and being able to set aside her personal stake in the life and death phone call coming from her family.

“Mommy mode kinda hit,” Melchor said. “Like, ‘That's my son.’ I panicked. But then, I was like, ‘You know what, I gotta get him the help that he absolutely needs.’”

Dad described Maverick’s choking: “As it progressed and he started having more trouble breathing, it got to a bright red and then he just went pale in the face,” Kimball said.

Melchor said she now understands what it’s like to be someone’s guardian angel.

“Being behind the consul and in the room that you don't have interaction with anyone, you see firsthand now that you're someone's lifeline,” Melchor said. “You're their guardian angel in the few seconds that you're on the phone with them.”

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