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911 dispatcher fiance help: 911 dispatcher gets frightening call from own home

A 911 dispatch center
A 911 dispatch center
Jason Pack / Wikimedia Commons

A 911 dispatcher got a call from her fiance for help when the couple's son was choking. According to NBC Bay Area, dispatcher Britney Melchor answered the line when her fiance called in a panic. Melchor learned that her son was choking... and she did what she needed to do to help. The boy's father had been moving some furniture when the baby got into something he shouldn't have: He tried to swallow a metal washer -- but it got lodged in his throat.

Dad Robert Kimball said:

"As it progressed and he started having more trouble breathing, it got to a bright red and then he just went pale in the face."

The 911 dispatcher didn't realize it was her fiance calling for help at first. It wasn't until she was given her home address that she realized that it was her son that was choking. While paramedics were in route to Melchor's house, she stayed on the phone with her fiance and talked him through some procedures. Melchor and Kimball's efforts helped clear the child's airway and ultimately saved his life.

Britney Melchor explained:

"Mommy mode kinda hit. Like, 'That's my son.' I panicked. But then, I was like, 'You know what, I gotta get him the help that he absolutely needs.'"

The 911 dispatcher and fiance managed to help their son by way of a phone call. It's something that 911 dispatchers are often credited with, but usually don't really understand the magnitude of the job first hand. Now that Melchor was sort of on both ends (and at the same time, no less), she says that she has an even better understanding of the importance of her job.

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