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911 goes to voicemail: Homeowner shoots intruder after call transfer issue

After a 911 call went to voicemail, a Florida man under attack took action and fired at the intruders terrorizing his home. Huffington Post shared the details of the startling incident.

A 911 call goes to voicemail during a violent home invasion
Screencap via HuffPost video

The unnamed man called 911 after the four intruders initially left the Port Richey, Fla. home. The call initially went through the fire department, and it seems the dispatcher accidentally transferred the 911 call to voicemail instead of law enforcement. As that happened, the suspects returned to the home. By the time the man could call 911 again and talk to the right person, he shared that he had shot at the intruders.

Law enforcement indicates that the home was specifically targeted by the intruders, and someone at the home knew who they were. Steven Reverdes was shot in the back, and he is in custody along with Joseph Rich and Michael Reverdes according to WTSP. Reports have indicated that the fourth suspect has not yet been detained.

The four suspects entered the home looking for prescription drugs and cash, and they allegedly pistol-whipped a woman at the home. After the homeowner shot at the suspects they returned fire, all with a baby in the middle of it all. The Pasco Sheriff says that the intruders pointed the gun at the baby and said they'd kill the child if they weren't given what they wanted.

The suspects in the case are well-known to authorities, as they have been in trouble for drugs, theft and burglary before. The unnamed homeowner is not expected to face charges. Authorities say that their response time was not affected by the fact the 911 call went to voicemail during the first call.

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