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911 beauty repair after traveling

911 beauty repair after traveling
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

After a long journey, I'm usually too bedraggled to go anywhere, do anything . . . I don't feel like seeing anyone for weeks! Traveling home from Taiwan and also Israel, I had long stops in New York to catch a 3 am train back to Baltimore. I looked like a POW! However, there are times when I've had dinner plans or I've promised to attend a festival or get-together that night. Fortunately, there are some beauty products to come to both of our rescues! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

While traveling or afterwards, John Frieda Sleek Finish Cushion Brush is an innovative new product that might reduce or even eliminate your need for product, heat styling tools! It deposits ionic goodness to your hair and runs on batteries. Take a tip from me and use re-chargeable AAA batteries, to always be golden. Also, I use it holding my thumb in the "on" position, because if I hold the brush where I normally hold a brush, I keep turning it off.

Here's a travel tip for you: after traveling overseas -- no matter how exhausted you are -- always, always, always take a shower before you collapse into bed. You've been in a plane with germs from all over the world! Now, I can understand if you don't feel like washing your hair. Freshen up your hair in 5 seconds with a few sprays of Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo. Read more about it HERE. You'll feel more luxe in no time! If you don't even have the energy to spray your hair, maybe someone charming nearby will come to your rescue.

Traveling on planes, your skin really gets dehydrated . . . even more if you're diabetic. It's kinda an open secret that I am. My itchy skin can get so bad, it feels like burning! I've been known to rub up against ancient Roman walls in Italy, scratch my back with knives and forks in the privacy of my own room, even contemplate asking strangers in Germany to help out . . . except I knew that wouldn't go over well. Curel Intensive Healing Cream is a big tub of rich help for your skin. You might want to slather it on and then slip into an old cotton t-shirt.

Do you have a long car ride or bus/train trips home? Consider taking 15 minutes of your time -- nap while you do it -- and using an illuMask! There's one perfect for putting the kabosh on emerging breakouts. You don't need water or anything! Read more about it HERE. It's self-powered.