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91.7 best new radio station for DFW

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Where the magic happens
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A friend recently signed me onto a new radio station in the area (it serves Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton) and I'm madly in love! It's a publicly-supported station (owned by KERA) and is aired on 91.7. The variety that I've experienced so far is a lot of indie artists, some jazz and blues, and Texas country. I'm all for everything except the country. Just because I live in a southern state doesn't mean I have to love country music.

There are multiple national shows that air at various times as well, including Acoustic Café, American Routes, Mountain Stage, Putumayo Music Hour, Sound Opinions, The Thistle & Shamrock, UnderCurrents and World Café.

I haven't been lucky enough to experience most of the shows yet, but I did hear Sound Opinions tonight. It's hosted by Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, and it airs on Tuesdays, Noon to 1 p.m. / Sundays, 7 to 8 p.m. They are two rock music critics who come together to weigh in on new releases or classics by diversified rock bands. They spoke of their love for Weezer in today's segment, and just how great their new album,  Ratitude, is. The critics have a patented system as to how they recommend an album: buy it, burn it, or trash it. It's easy and honest enough for me.

Just to give a little sampling of what you will enjoy when tuning your station, I've heard Regina Spektors' new material, a sprinkling of DMB, Tegan and Sara, Phoenix, and Muse. Most of the songs seem to be singles that weren't on the radio, or aren't necessarily "well-known" by the public. This is exactly what the Dallas/Fort Worth area needed.

KXT launched November 9, so it is still a baby. They have a link online where you can pledge a donation, and get cool merch in the process. So if you love it, support it. 

Hopefully there will be easy and enjoyable listening ahead for all.