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90s computer hacker: Photo goes viral on social media sites

Who IS this guy?
Who IS this guy?

A photo of a 90s computer hacker (as some are calling him) surfaced on several social media sites on April 15. The photo got tons of attention on Reddit as users commented on the photo, making it one of the funniest viral photo chains of the year. The photo appears to be of a man dressed as Albert Wesker Cosplay from "Resident Evil" (though most prefer his other "identity"). He is standing in front of a woman in what some say is the meat section of a Walmart store.

Many people have said that this particular photo has popped up online over the years. However, each time someone posts it, social media users go crazy with their comments. People who are familiar with the movie "Hackers" from 1995 seem to get the otherwise inside joke.

The 90s computer hacker wears a long black leather trench coat (and most would say he gets around by way of the "roller blade") and he, for one reason or another, just starts talking to some unassuming woman at the grocery store. The photo is met with quotes from the film from 70s & 80s kids who can't seem to resist. If you haven't seen "Hackers" or played "Resident Evil" or watched "The Matrix," your comment contributions might get lost in translation -- so it is best to stay away.

Some Reddit users have said that this photo has been edited many times throughout the years, and the quality has only gotten better. This, of course, leads some people to believe that the photo is new. That some guy dressed like that actually went out in public... but that's really not the case. The picture also went viral on Imgur and the comments just keep flooding in.

The outfit is undeniably funny but when placed in front of the meat section, it becomes even funnier. If nothing more, pictures like these only remind people of their favorite old movies. You can bet that "Hackers" will be watched several times today, tomorrow, and this weekend. Rumor has it you can get it on DVD from Netflix... and go!