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90s band to make its return to Town Ballroom


Rock group Candlebox have seen many of the ups and downs of the music business--whether it came to Grunge, their record label, or their overall career--Candlebox has lived through a lot and lead singer Kevin Martin is here to tell about it with an exclusive interview with

Do you consider yourself a grunge band still or are you trying to distance yourself from the entire 90s scene now?

We never really considered ourselves a grunge band. Everyone from Seattle thought it was a stupid name, really. I mean yes you have to title it something, but we always considered us a rock n roll band. We wanted to separate ourselves from anything especially with this record was about bringing the band to different listeners and opening it up to a different environment. The concept behind our new record Love Stories and Other Musings was to tell stories that we never told musically and we are pretty happy with the end product.

With Candlebox based out of Seattle, did you know Kurt Kobain personally?

No I never met Kurt--he was such a reclusive fellow. I knew Dave Grohl and Christ Novoselic from Nirvana and that was it.

Did you ever want to throw in the towel with Candlebox and call it quits? You guys even separated for a time.

What we wanted to do was we wanted to take a break and we wanted to get away from Maverick Records. We didn't want to go along for the ride. In the process of making that deal we got locked into legally to do nothing with Candlebox for a while. What I wanted to do was throw the towel at Maverick! As a musician, though, there's a responsibility to play music if it's in you. If you allow yourself and freedom to do that, then you have to do it 110 percent. There were times that I thought do I continue to do this? I never though did I want to throw in the towel. I had to see where my head was and my heart was at times, but I love this band.

Do you have any regrets with the song "Far Behind"?

Hell no. When we wrote this song, we asked ourselves what is that song going to do for us? It's one of those songs that we really magically made in our studio. We wrote it around the base line. I wanted to write it over a friend of mine. It was a magically moment for us. I would never want to take that away from us--ever.

Are you guys satisfied in where you are in your career right now?

We are stoked that where we are musically. We would love to see the success of the 90s come back, but realistically that is not possible. We are happy with who we are and happy with the music we are making. We are happy we are still able to do this!

"Believe In It" is the first single off the new album. Where did you get the inspiration to write it?

That was a song that happened accidentally. We are started jamming on it in the studio and it was a mix of R&B and rock. The lyrics were inspired by my son Jasper and whatever you do in life you should do to its full extent and you have to believe in it. Candlebox is a perfect example of that--we are still here doing the way we want to do things!

Where do you see rock music going in the next year?

For me rock and roll, is Arcade Fire and the National and it is very exciting. If you are talking about mainstream rock I think it's kid of boring! There are too many bands that sound like Nickelback , Shinedown, etc. Unfortunately, that's what happens. Halestorm is a perfect example of how to do it. They've been doing it for 10 years. There's some really great bands and some who really sound alike. If bands start doing new things then the next few years will be great! If rock radio goes away, I don't know what is going to happen!

Candlebox arrive at the Town Ballroom on May 9. Their new album is Love Stories and Other Musings is out now.


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