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9021-O-M-G! Recap of ‘Nerdy Little Secrets’ on '90210'

Max and Naomi
Max and Naomi
CW 2011

Things were awry on “90210” this week with Naomi in an academic bowl and Silver running on foot to a college interview -- sporting bright-red hair.

Here is the 90210 Examiner's take on season three, episode 19 “Nerdy Little Secrets.”


  • Naomi followed Max to an academic bowl weekend, thinking he would participate in the wild and crazy antics that supposedly occur when the nerds let loose after the competition. When Naomi thought she caught Max cheating on her, she scared off the only female member of the team. This left the team with no option but to have Naomi fill in as their required female West Beverly teammate, which ended in their loss (I was really hoping Naomi would pull through with the winning answer on St. Bart's.)
  • When back at school, Naomi and Max decided to go public with their relationship because they were tired of hiding.
  • Raj helped Ivy get over her fear of the water when he pretended he was drowning. He got her back in the water, and then got her back on the surfboard when he entered her in a competition, which she won.
  • Annie took a job as a personal assistant to a woman who was once a famous actress, Marla Templeton. In an attempt to help Marla organize her life, Annie noticed some strange behavior from her new friend (perhaps Alzheimer’s/dementia) and hidden brochures on assisted suicide.
  • Silver started acting in extreme ways (dyeing her hair red, over-reacting to everything), thanks to Adrianna’s plan to mess with her pills for her bi-polar disorder. While en route to an NYU interview, Silver's scooter ran out of gas and she ran the rest of the way to the beach club for the interview. Adrianna seemed satisfied that her plan was working when she discovered the bright-red hair.

OMG moment: Silver’s behavior throughout the episode.

Fashion passion: Ivy looked cool when she pulled up to school with Raj … shirt, jeans and heeled-sandals. Nice change from her beach attire.

Fashion bashin': Naomi wearing Max’s “Geology Rocks” shirt certainly made a statement.

Fave couple of the week: Ivy and Raj … he was so sweet helping Ivy get back on her surfboard.

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