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90 yr.old Ohio man told to 'Get rid of dogs'

12 week old Puppy-Needs a Home
12 week old Puppy-Needs a Home

Ronald, a 90 year old, Youngstown Ohio man has been taking in strays and dogs dumped on his property for years.  The city of Youngstown now has a Pit Bull ban and a limit of 3 dogs per home.  Local authorities told Ronald last week that he needed to remove the dogs from his residence within a week or the animals would be taken and euthanized. 

 A local rescue, For the Love of Pits, visited Ronald at his home in order to meet the dogs and help re-home them.  While he loves these dogs, he is no longer able to properly care for them, nor will the city allow him to keep so many.

There are still several dogs including Pits, Akitas, Mixed breeds and at least one puppy in need of rescue help or adoption.  If you are interested in helping please follow the link below or contact Shana of For the Love of Pits.

Youngstown Dogs, Pics and information