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90 year-old Nazi fighting veteran sentenced for drug-running

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Leo Sharp, 90, who once fought Nazis in Italy, was convicted in Detroit today of driving car loads of cocaine from Mexico to Michigan from 2009 to 2011 for an international drug cartel.

The Michigan City, Ind., resident was paid over $1 million by the organizers for the numerous trips that imported as much as one ton of cocaine.

Sharp, who admitted the wrong-doing, was given what could be a life sentence for him; three years in federal prison. Sentencing guidelines called for a minimum of 14 years.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Graveline:

…Criminals don't get a pass simply for military service. He noted that Sharp used his age and appearance as a tool to shake the suspicions of police on cross-country trips before he was finally busted during a traffic stop on Interstate 94, west of Detroit, in 2011.

Leo Sharp, World War II veteran, Bronze Star recipient, and admitted drug courier says his dementia led him to make the bad decision to become a "mule" for the drug organization.

The prosecuting attorney said, “Linking dementia to Sharp's crimes was an ‘insult to all the people who have dementia and don't get involved in illegal activity."

Sharp was tried and convicted, along with 18 others associated with drug smuggling for the same organization.

Associated Press photo of Leo Sharp here.

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