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90 year old Holocaust survivor arrested while protesting in Ferguson, MO

Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein arrested in Ferguson.
Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein arrested in Ferguson.

A 90 year old Holocaust survivor was among another group of protesters who have been arrested in Ferguson, Missouri.

One would think that after surviving the horrors of the Holocaust during World War 2, someone would take solace in their survival and just enjoy peace and quiet. In the case of Hedy Epstein, sitting quietly at home doesn't seem to be an option while all hell was breaking loose around her. Along with fellow protesters and journalists, including Getty photographer Scot Olson, Epstein was arrested by St. Louis police outside a McDonalds in town. The Telegraph reports that the group of nine were arrested for "not getting out the way fast enough when ordered."

This isn't Hedy Epstien's first rodeo when it comes to voicing her opinion and joining a protest. Epstein has her own website,, where she documents her travels and opinions. According to her official site. Epstein has been very vocal about her pro-Palestinian views and has actually made five trips to the Gaza strip since 2003.

"Israel is the fourth-largest military entity in the world. They have the newest equipment, and it’s used on the Palestinians," Epstein says. "If the U.S. stopped funding Israel, that would be another way of bringing about peace," she notes.

The reports that Epstein was treated respectfully and without force, being placed in a bus with the other protesters.