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90 shots fired at North Carolina home: Grandfather, 10-year-old boy killed

Two people have died after 90 shots were fired into a home.
Two people have died after 90 shots were fired into a home.
Fox 8

A horrific scene has taken place in a home just outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina, and it's left a grandfather and his 10-year-old grandson dead. Fox 8 Live reported on July 31, 2014, that more than 90 rounds were fired at the home on Wednesday morning, and making matters worse is that they were fired by the man's son-in-law.

61-year-old Gary Simpson and 10-year-old Trekwan Covington were shot and killed at Simpson's home on New Moon Drive. 41-year-old Andrew Michaelis is the man who fired more than 90 rounds into the home.

Michaelis was also shot and killed at the home. It is still unclear if Michaelis killed himself or was shot by an officer responding to the scene.

Kelly Covington, the father of 10-year-old Trekwan, was at work at the time of the shooting. His ex-wife called him to tell him what had happened.

"She told me her baby was in there laying on the floor dead," Kelly Convington said. "My heart just dropped."

Shortly after 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, police were called to the scene for a domestic dispute. Upon their arrival, a shootout occurred. Sheriff Moose Butler realized afterward that Michaelis was not going to go easy.

"He had about 50 to 60 more rounds within his truck, so this man was prepared to take some lives this morning," Sheriff Butler said.

Valerie Michaelis is the person that called the police to ask for her help after her and her husband got into an argument. Valerie said that Andrew held her at gunpoint for a while, but she was eventually able to get the gun away from him.

Michaelis then went after her with a knife, but she escaped and headed over to Simpson's home. Simpson is her father. Michaelis followed his wife there and fired 30 shots at the home with a high-powered assault rifle.

There were seven people inside the home at the time, and two of them were hit by the gunfire - Simpson and Covington. They soon died from their injuries.

Andrew Michaelis left the home but soon returned and fired another 30 shots. Upon returning a third time, police were in the home to help, but Michaelis fired at least 30 more rounds and hit two of the deputies that were inside.

Both deputies are said to be recovering from their injuries and will be fine.

At this point, Michaelis fled through a wooded area, but he was chased by police. He continued to fire at the cops, and they returned fire at him. Two more deputies were injured during the shootout as well as a Highway Patrol trooper, but they were not seriously hurt.

Michaelis was soon found dead.

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