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9 Ways to Deal with a Computer Running Slow: Boost PC Speed Using These Steps
Erin Walsh

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When dealing with a computer running slow, it causes frustration. However, you can try one of nine different ways to remedy the problem. For instance, you can boost PC speed when you try not to run so many programs at once.

Use as many of these tips as possible. This advice will help you make the most of your machine:

  1. Remove programs from start-up if you don't use them every day.
  2. Use your Task Manager to remove processes you don't need right now.
  3. Using your disk defragmentation tools to organize your programs and files.
  4. Clean up temporary files.
  5. Don't keep too many windows open at once.
  6. Make sure your hard drive has 20% free disk space at all times.
  7. Make sure you have enough RAM, and if not, install more.
  8. Stop programs from running in the background.
  9. Run a system scan to see if you have malware on it.

Please go here to see a larger view of the infographic for an illustration and explanation of all the above points.

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